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Moab Weekend Vacation

By Slick Rock Vacation

Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are amazing places that people travel from all over the world to see and experience.  Moab has many other hidden gems of natural beauty and outdoor recreation that you can explore this fall or winter on a Moab weekend vacation.

The Colorado River runs just north of Moab and carves beautiful canyons. It is an amazing experience to explore the Colorado River canyons for those that love rivers and canyons.  The La Sal Mountains just south of Moab are beautiful mountains that rise out of the desert landscape.  In just a few miles you can drive from the red rock desert landscape to the beautiful aspen landscape of the high elevation mountains.  Native American pictographs and petroglyphs are common around Moab.  If you enjoy exploring Native American historical sites and studying these areas, Moab is a treasure trove of sites to discover and explore. This fall, spend some time exploring around on a Moab weekend vacation. 

The Moab area is well-known for mountain biking, hiking, and side by side trails. The trails are endless, and you could spend an entire lifetime exploring the trails and canyons around Moab with a mountain bike or side by side.  This fall explore one or more of these spectacular trails on your Moab weekend vacation.

Visitors come from all over the world to see the world-famous red rock canyons and arches.  Certain times of year hotel rooms and lodging for groups can be difficult to find in Moab due to the popularity of the recreation in this area. Slick Rock Lodge is perfect for groups looking for private lodging in the Moab area. The 5-bedroom building is ideal for groups under 20 people.  The 10-bedroom building is perfect for groups of 20 to 50 people. Large groups over 50 people can rent the entire complex and have the entire property all to themselves.  The Slick Rock Lodge is the perfect spot for groups to have privacy and seclusion, but conveniently located just a couple miles south of town making it easy to run into town for supplies, gas, or a bite to eat. 

Moab Fall Recreation

By Slick Rock Vacation

Moab is an amazing outdoor recreation area year-round, but as the children go back to school in August and summer vacations end the crowds die down a bit, the weather starts to cool, and the Moab area becomes even more magical.  The warm afternoons and cool nights in September and October make it a spectacular time to visit Moab. All the world-class recreation is still available, and the mild temperatures are perfect for enjoying the outdoors. 

Many visitors enjoy jeeping and ATV riding in the fall. The winding dirt roads and jeep trails that go around Moab, Canyonlands, and the Manti-La Sal Mountains make Moab a dream place to explore with your jeep and side by side.  Mountain biking in the fall is also a great way to explore Moab and the world-famous red rock formations and scenery. 

The Colorado River through Moab and just south of Moab also provides some great fall recreation opportunities for those that love playing on the river. The Colorado River provides excellent white-water rafting, kayaking, paddle boarding and playing in the water. 

Canyonlands and Arches National Parks are always great to visit, hike, and take photographs. Families will love the arches, red rock formations and canyons.  In September and October, the weather is great, and the national parks are much less crowded in the fall.  The petroglyphs and Native American ruins around Canyonlands are amazing, unique places to explore and provide a great destination at the end of your ATV ride or hike.

Moab is an outdoor recreation town all year, but fall may be our favorite time of year to have an outdoor adventure in this area.  This fall spend a weekend in Moab and enjoy some of the world-class outdoor recreation that Moab has to offer.  We hope to see you soon at Slick Rock Lodge!

Moab Recreation Lodge

By Slick Rock Vacation

A monsoonal pattern the last week has given Moab some much needed rain and has cooled things off.  In late July and August afternoon rainstorms are not uncommon around Moab and it brings some nice relief and moisture to the desert environment.  Wildflowers will start to grow and bring great color and beauty to the red rock landscape in this area.  Moab is beautiful any time of year, but these afternoon rain storms can create little waterfalls and streams in the desert that are an amazing contrast to the red sandstone and geological formations. 

July and August can be a great time to visit the Moab area and enjoy the beautiful scenery and world-class outdoor recreation that the Moab area has to offer. Slick Rock Lodge is a great Moab recreation lodge. Some of our favorite activities in July and August include: jeeping, river rafting, hiking, mountain biking, and relaxing with family. 

Jeeping is a great activity in July and August in Moab. Jeeps can take you to some of the quieter areas around Moab and allow you to see some sights and formations that not many people get to see. The other nice thing about jeep riding is most jeeps are air conditioned, so you can ride in comfort even when afternoon temperatures are hot.  It is also easy to carry a lot of water and food in your jeep to drink lots of water and eat a big lunch while you are out exploring.

River rafting on the Colorado River is a great activity for this time of year. The Colorado is a great river for both beginner and advanced river rafters. There are sections that are very calm for beginners and other sections with big rapids for those that are more experienced. It is also very scenic and has great views of red rock formations and canyons. It is a great way to cool down during the heat of the summer.

Hiking is a great way to see the arches and rock formations all around Moab. Make sure you hike in the morning and evening when it is cool and carry water and a rain jacket when you hike.  Arches and Canyonlands National Parks offer great hiking as well as the La Sal Mountains just south of Moab. Mountain biking is also a great way to explore Moab. Endless trails wind around the foothills of Moab and mountain bikers will find tons of great trails to explore. 

Relaxing by the pool is another great way to spend warm summer days in Moab. Slick Rock Lodge has a beautiful private pool for families to enjoy while they vacation in Moab. We hope you and your family will come and enjoy the beautiful summers in Moab.

Moab Outdoor Recreation Lodge

By Slick Rock Vacation

Moab is a magical outdoor recreation town year-round, but the summer is especially amazing because there is a handful of recreation you can do in the summer that you can not do the rest of the year. The Colorado River runs right through the north side of town and in the summer, months playing in the river is a favorite outdoor activity. Slick Rock Lodge is the perfect Moab outdoor recreation lodge. 

No matter what time of year you plan on coming to Moab there is tons of outdoor recreation. Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are amazing national parks to hike and explore. Travelers and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world come to Moab to see the amazing red rock arches and formations of these two national parks. 

Other year-round recreation around Moab is jeep and ATV riding. There are endless ATV and jeep trails around Moab and the La Sal Mountains. Jeep enthusiasts come from all over the United States to enjoy the jeep riding and challenge their jeep skills on the many red rock obstacles around the area.  

World-famous mountain bike trails wind through the Moab area and some of the best red rock mountain biking in the western United States can be found in the many mountain biking areas around Moab. 

The Colorado River runs through the north side of Moab.  In the summer months outdoor recreation enthusiasts enjoy rafting the Colorado River and experiencing the whitewater rafting that the Colorado River has to offer. Those that are staying close to town and are more interested in relaxing will find swimming, paddle boarding, and playing in the river are great ways to escape the afternoon heat in the summer. 

During the summer months the La Sal Mountains also offer a great option for some outdoor recreation. The higher elevation in the La Sal Mountains make it cooler in the summer and the great trails are perfect for summer hiking, mountain biking, and ATV riding.

Give us a call at Slick Rock Lodge to spend time with your family or friends at Moab’s outdoor recreation lodge enjoying the great recreation Moab has to offer!

Moab ATV Lodge

By Slick Rock Vacation

 Over the last ten years family ATV riding has become extremely popular. Side-by-sides with a front and back bench seat that started to be sold over ten years ago are a big reason that families can all ride together.  These ATVs are great for families and provide the opportunity for families to ride all together and enjoy the amazing scenery that Utah has to offer while comfortably, relaxing, and talking in the same vehicle together. 

Moab is one of the best areas in Utah for families to enjoy riding side-by-sides and ATVs together and explore as a family. There are many canyons and red rock formations all around Moab to explore with ATVs. The La Sal Mountains just south of Moab are also a great area to take a ride on with your family and provide amazing mountain scenery and views of the surrounding Moab area. 

Slick Rock Lodge is located just a couple of miles south of Moab and is the perfect spot for families to gather and relax during their ATV vacation in Moab. The location of the lodge is perfect for families vacationing in Moab. Mountain biking trails are just down the road from the property, Moab is 2 miles up the road making it easy to go into town for dinner or supplies, and it is in the middle of all the major national parks and recreation areas around Moab. 

Slick Rock Lodge has two buildings and is perfect for any Moab ATV vacation group. The small lodge is just the right size for groups of 5 to 20 people with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The large building is perfect for groups of 20 to 50 people. Exceptionally large groups can rent the entire complex for one low price.  

We love to ride the ATV trails around Moab with our family and we hope to see you and your family soon in Moab!

Arches National Park Lodge

By Slick Rock Vacation

Moab is a spectacular natural area to enjoy any time of the year, but April through June is maybe the best time of the year to be in Moab enjoying the endless outdoor recreation Moab has to offer. The weather is amazing this time of year and this is the perfect time to be hiking, mountain biking, jeeping, and riding ATVs around Moab. 

Canyonlands and Arches National Park are two of the most famous national parks in the world and the spectacular scenery, rock formations, and ecosystems in these national parks attract visitors from all over the world. April through June are some of the best months of the year to see these amazing national parks. Slick Rock Lodge is just down the road from both these national parks and are perfect national park lodging. Small or large groups visiting Canyonlands and Arches National Park will find the perfect lodging for their group at Slick Rock Lodge while in Moab, Utah.  The five-bedroom lodge is great for smaller groups from 5 to 20 people. The ten-bedroom lodge is wonderful for larger groups from 20 to 50 people. 

Slick Rock Lodge is just south of Moab and just a short drive to both Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.  This private property has a large, private swimming pool and 10-person hot tub. The 10-bedroom lodge has a theatre room, large fully furnished kitchen, outdoor fireplace, and game room. The 5-bedroom lodge has a fully furnished kitchen, large screen TVs, ping pong table, and outdoor fireplace.  These are both great facilities for relaxing and sleeping in the evening and when your group has had a long day exploring the national parks. 

National park lodges are often difficult to find, but Slick Rock Lodge makes it easy and convenient. Located just a couple miles south of Moab it is easy and convenient to get gas, groceries, and go eat at a restaurant during your national park vacation.

Moab Vacation Home

By Slick Rock Vacation

Moab is a great place to explore in the spring and Slick Rock Lodge has been busy this spring with families and outdoor enthusiasts anxious to get out and explore the Moab area. A group of friends exploring Moab with their jeeps is staying at the lodge this weekend and they are excited to see the red rock canyons, arches, and test their jeeps on some of the obstacles that Moab has to offer. 

Last weekend we hosted a nice family that was excited to hike some of the trails in Arches National Park and Canyonlands. They enjoyed exploring this beautiful area during their stay and coming back each day to the lodge and swimming in the private pool and relaxing in the huge hot tub. They loved the variety and convenience of being just a couple miles from town to eat at some of the great restaurants in town, but also having their own fully furnished kitchen to eat some meals in their lodge. 

The 5-bedroom lodge is perfect for groups of up to 20 people. The 10-bedroom lodge is large enough for groups up to 50 people. Groups will enjoy their private lodge all to themselves and have the privacy and luxury of their own private vacation rental to relax with their own family and friends while exploring the amazing natural landscapes around Moab. 

Whether you are coming to Moab to hike, mountain bike, jeep, or enjoy the Colorado River Slick Rock Lodge is the perfect vacation rental for your group. Next time you are coming to Moab to enjoy some time in the red rock and explore the natural beauty has to offer give us a call at Slick Rock Lodge and we will help you with the perfect accommodations for your group. We hope to see you soon!

Moab Private Rental

By Slick Rock Vacation

April is a great month in Moab. The cool mornings and evenings are perfect for hiking, jogging, and mountain biking. The warm afternoons are great for swimming, playing in the water, or riding ATVs or jeeps in the canyons. No matter what brings you to Moab, April is a great month to be here enjoying time with family and friends and playing in the outdoors. 

Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are both beautiful this time of year and April is a great time to get out and explore these two beautiful national parks. Canyonlands is an exceptionally large national park, and it is easy to find secluded spots, gravel roads, and hidden trails that allow you to get out on your own and see some spectacular scenery.  People from all over the world come to Moab to see these beautiful national parks and enjoy the red rock formations.

The world-famous mountain biking and hiking is another reason people come to Moab. The endless mountain biking and hiking trails all around Moab have become well-known throughout the United States and visitors come from all over to enjoy the exhilaration of mountain biking and hiking on trails surrounded by arches, red rock formations, and sandstone scenery.

The jeep and ATV trails in Moab have also become famous among ATV and jeep enthusiasts.  The hundreds of miles of ATV and jeep trails and dirt roads that wind through the canyons surrounding Moab create an outdoor playground for anyone wanting to get out on their ATV or jeep.

Slick Rock Lodge is the perfect base for exploring all that Moab has to offer. Groups up to 20 people can rent the 5-bedroom lodge and have a private, luxurious place to stay while they play and relax in Moab. Groups up to 50 can rent the 10-bedroom lodge and have a perfect place to sleep, eat, and relax while staying in Moab. 

Moab Group Lodge

By Slick Rock Vacation

Moab is an amazing place to spend time from late March to June. The weather is spectacular, the desert has wildflowers and wildlife, and there are great jeep and mountain bike events.  It is a great time of year to be in Moab and many people take advantage of the weather and scenery and spend time exploring Moab during the spring and early summer. 

This time of year can be busy in Moab and often hotels and campgrounds around Moab are packed with tourists.  Slick Rock Lodge is just south of Moab about a mile. It is close enough to Moab to go into town for groceries or to grab some dinner, but far enough out of town to escape the crowds, noise, and craziness of the busy tourist season.  

The Slick Rock Lodge is a private property with a completely private pool, hot tub, and barbecue area. After a long day out exploring, hiking, jeeping, mountain biking, and visiting national parks the Slick Rock Lodge is the perfect place to come back and relax in privacy and luxury.  Every bedroom at the lodge has its own private bathroom and the lodge is fully equipped with large flat screen TVs, a wireless sound system, fully furnished kitchens, and a private pool and hot tub. The Slick Rock Lodge is the perfect lodge for large groups in Moab.

Moab is a great place for large groups to gather and enjoy the outdoors. Spring and early summer is one of our favorite times in Moab for groups to gather and enjoy the outdoor recreation, geology, and scenery Moab has to offer. Groups looking for privacy and luxury in a Moab group lodge will not find a better place to stay while they play in Moab than Slick Rock Lodge.  We hope to see you soon at Slick Rock Lodge!

Moab Adventure Lodge

By Slick Rock Vacation

Arches and Canyonlands National Parks have become more and more popular the last 10 years. In the summer they have gotten busy. We love the winter and early spring because Arches and Canyonlands are much quieter.  This time of year is also a great opportunity to get different views and photographs of the parks. In the winter you can get beautiful views of the red rock landscape with a dusting of snow.  The white snow on the red rock formations and arches makes for some spectacular scenery and opportunities to get some amazing photographs. The early spring offers great views and scenery of the red rock landscapes with water and spring storms also give photographers the chance to capture iconic arches with storm clouds and lightning.

Slick Rock Lodge is the perfect location for groups to stay and explore Moab during the winter and spring. This Moab adventure lodge has all the amenities and privacy to relax in comfort.  The fully furnished kitchens provide a great place to prepare and eat meals and the large bedrooms with their own private bathrooms are perfect for getting a good night’s rest and a hot shower at the end of the day.  The private hot tub is perfect for relaxing and soaking sore muscles each evening after a long day hiking, mountain biking, and riding ATVs. 

This winter and spring as you start to investigate the great adventure found in the Moab area remember to reserve Slick Rock Lodge for your group. We have the perfect accommodations for any size group. The 5-bedroom lodge is perfect for groups under 20 people. The 10-bedroom lodge is exactly right for groups between 20 and 50 people.  Really large groups can rent out both buildings and have enough space for everyone in their group.  This Moab adventure lodge is the perfect place for your next group adventure in Moab!